Graduated from Western Michigan University with a business degree and then continued on for my master’s that allows me to work as a nurse anesthetist

I have years of experience as an electrical apprentice, laying concrete footings and flatwork, finishing drywall, and as a business owner, having started Professional Painters Inc. while still in college

After years of buying and selling investment properties and assisting friends and family with housing and construction needs, I knew I needed to further my real estate career

Fun Facts

I’m from a small mining town in Northern Minnesota that Bob Dylan also calls home. My family and I moved to West Michigan when I was 7, and I went to Hudsonville public schools from 3rd grade through graduation. Go Eagles!

I became so well-liked at my electrical apprenticeship that on my last day before leaving to go to college, my foreman had everyone duct tape me to a steel pole and leave me hanging for 2 hours at a store we were contracted at. I now refuse to shop at there

Live, learn, improve. At 16 I delivered a pizza for Pizza Ranch in Hudsonville, except I delivered it up-side-down. You can imagine the customer’s face when I nervously (and cluelessly) handed her an up-side-down pizza box. I never did it again!

When I’m not assisting clients with real estate or working at the hospital helping patients, catch me training for my next Ironman Triathlon!

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